CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Smart CNC Production Cylindrical Grinding

Smart CNC Production Cylindrical Grinder is a simple cylindrical grinding solution for plunge and traverse grinding application with two axes CMC System. This machine is available in Angular & Straight configuration.

SPECIFICATION – Center Grinding U/M CG 400 CNC CG 600 CNC CG 400 CNC
Swing Diameter mm 250 250 250
Admit Between Centre mm 500 800 1000
Grinding Length mm 400 650 800
Grinding Wheel – (Max dia x Max width) mm 500X50 / (80#) 500X50 / (80#) 500X50 / (80#)
Spindle Power kg 3.7 (5.5} 70 100/50
Wheel Speed M/Sec 33(45) 33(45) 33(45)

Machine suitable for part: Motor shaft, Spindle, Input shaft, Output shaft, 4 wheeler steering shaft, Bevel gear, 2 wheeler crankshaft, main shaft, Worm shaft, Pinion shaft. 4 wheeler rotor shaft, Fuel injection part.

Machine is with Internal Grinding spindle suitable for Bore & Face grinding application. Stiff Linear Roller guide-ways for maximum rigidity. Most efficient & cost effective lubrication system with CNC interlocking. Convenient approach to diamond touch. Efficient & compact coolant filtration system with lowest running cost. Twin spindles  are also available for counter bore grinding application.


Swing Diameter 100 200 300
Work Head Spindle Taper A2-6 A2-6 A2-8
Max chuck size 200 250 350
Ex. Grinding Wheel dia. 50 75 100
  • High static and dynamic stable machine structure using Damping Concrete Polymer Composite Machine base, Highly effective for vibration sensitive application and critical roughness values.
  • Carriage are driven by precision stretched ball screw to achieve better accuracy.
  • Rigid hollow work spindle.
  • Swivel work head available as optional.
  • Lifetime protection of spindle and slides against coolant and fumes with non-wear parts.
  • Machine also offered with TWIN Spindle / Hard Turning station as optional.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Lowest running cost.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Eco friendliness.

Machine suitable for Parts: Gears, Bushes, Rings, Drive shafts. Etc

CNC Internal Production Grinding

(NC internal Grinder is designed & manufactured to produce High Precision Components for Bore and face Grinding.
Suitable for Synchro Ring, Gear etc of automobile.

  • Modular Design to suit individual requirements
  • Slide runs on Precision roller guideways with 0.1-micron resolution on both axis thru encoder and gloss scale as on option
  • High Frequency Internal grinding spindle 3500 upto 105000 rpm can be mounted.
Max. Swing dia of Chuck mm 170 200 300
Max./Min. Grinding diameter mm 50X.5 100/5 150(250/5)
Maxi. Grinding Depth mm 70 150 200
Work head Spindle Nose A2-4(A2-5) A2-5 (A2-6} A2-5(42-6)
Max. component weight -(including chuck) kg 50 70 100/50
Work spindle speed range RPM 100-1200 100-1200 100-1200
Internal grinding spindle RPM Belt Drive-upto 35,000/HF Drive upto 1,05,000 Belt Drive-upto 35,000/HF Drive upto 1,05,000 Belt Drive-upto 35,000/HF Drive upto 1,05,000
OD grinding wheel size mm
[ ] Option