Precision Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinders

Precision Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinders

Precision Grinding is a sub-segment of abrasive cutting processes, where machine tools outfitted with grinding wheels are used to precisely remove material from a workpiece (typically metal) and hold to very tight tolerances. Our Precision Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinders are High performance, compact, and is ideally suited for grinding Tool Holders & other High precision Tool & Die components. Some of the key features are Compact in size to save your expensive floor space bigger capacity wheel to reduce cycle time Flexibility on table tilting up to 30-degree makes it ideal for even 700 centers grinding, linear roller bearing guideways gives wheel slide repeatability 0.001 mm.

The Machine is suitable for: Motor shaft, Hub, Spindle, Input shaft, Output shaft,  main shaft, 4 wheeler Driveshaft, Axles, Spider, UJ Cross, CV joints, Steering knuckle,  Gear shift, Worm shaft, Pinion shaft. Hydro pump.

Model: UGM-350S/A –  Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder

A Hydraulic Cylindrical grinding machine for External, Internal or Face grinding of small components in small to medium Production batches. Highly precise & available with many optional accessories to grind a large variety of components. The machine is available in only External, only Internal, or Universal configurations in both Semi-automatic & automatic versions.

Machine model UGM 700/150 Hydraulic grinder is used for precision tool room & production application for medium size components. Swing down type internal grinding head makes the universal model an ideal choice for diverse applications of various industries.

Specifications of UGM-350S/A Hydraulic Grinder

Specifications UGM-350S/A
Swing Diameter 300/350MM
Admit Between Centers 700/800/1000mm
Max Grinding Wheel φ x Width 400(450) x 50 (60) mm
Grinding wheel spindle power 3.7 (5.5) kW
Wheel surface speed 33 (45) m/sec

Note: All specifications and designs are subject to alteration without notice.

Heavy duty model EGM 700/150A series cylindrical Grinders are in diverse production and tool room application. These grinders are available in both external and universal versions.

Specifications of EGM 700/150A

Swing Diameter mm 300 | 350
Admit Between Centre mm 750 |850
Grinding Length mm 700 | 800
Grinding Wheel – (Max dia x Max width) mm 400
Spindle Power kw 3.7 (5.5) kw 3.7 (5.5)
Wheel Speed m/Sec 33 (45) m/Sec 33 (45)

Note: All specifications and design subject to alteration without notice.